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Call SkyHoppers @ 800-515-4225
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SkyHoppers Tailwheel Transition Training

SkyHoppers offers a unique course of Cessna 180 high-performance-tailwheel training not found anywhere else in the lower 48 United States. Our transition-training includes instruction in high-performance power-plant operation, tailwheel airplane inspection & handling, and basic tailwheel maneuvers including taxi, takeoffs, and 3-point landings. As you progress, we will review and practice advanced crosswind techniques, and introduce you to 'wheel landings' on both pavement and grass strips. After you demonstrate proficiency in tailwheel flying, we can then introduce you to the short-field capabilities of the Cessna 180 and the related techniques.

Click here to see an Itemized Rate Sheet of our Cessna 180 training including hourly rates & aerial excursion offers.

For pilots seeking both the FAA High-Performance & Tailwheel endorsements, SkyHoppers offers an economical block rate for high-performance-tailwheel Transition Training in the Cessna 180. The block rate includes 8 hours of Hobbs-time and 16 hours of ground & flight instruction to be given over 4 lessons, for only $3,720 payable in advance. Most pilots typically earn their High-Performance endorsements after the initial 4-hours, and the tailwheel endorsement after about 50 to 60 landings in the Skywagon which usually requires 10-hours to complete in the Skywagon, depending on pilot aptitude, and past training & experience.

If you are already endorsed as a tailwheel pilot and are interested in logging High-Performance time in our Cessna 180 for fun or future ownership purposes, SkyHoppers invites you to come and improve your proficiency in all maneuvers applicable to the certificate you hold. SkyHoppers will assess your skills according to the practical test standards for your certificate, and introduce you to any new maneuvers you might be interested in. We will also provide advanced training in short and power-off approaches to 3-point and wheel landings in our Skywagon. Upon completion of an advanced course of training, tailwheel pilots may earn their Biennial Flight Review and/or High-Performance endorsements. SkyHoppers makes no guarantees as to each pilots ability to earn these endorsements in a single block, since high-performance-tailwheel transition training is highly dependent on pilot aptitude & past experience.

For pilots completing the transition training in our Skywagon, the plane is available for rent thereafter at a reduced hourly rate while you are accompanied by the Chief Instructor, since the plane is not available for solo rental. There is no standby charge while on the ground having a great time at your destination. SkyHoppers also offers Flight Training Excursions for you to explore new places in this unique airplane. As an incentive, you can also invite along 1 adult guest on your flight training excursion, or another pilot to share the flight time and excursion costs.